Overview of Expenses section

The expense section shows all the invoices you have issued to clients. The initial view is All Suppliers. 

From this screen you can:

  1. Tap on any expense to see the detailed view and edit it 

  2. Search for a specific supplier by tapping the filter icon 

  3. Create a new transaction by tapping the Create icon in the top right

  4. The amount of money owing to all suppliers (Accounts Payable) is displayed on the top bar under All Suppliers. To see the amount owed to a specific supplier, tap on that supplier

  5. If an expense is not due yet, you will see how many days until you need to pay

  6. If an expense is overdue, you will see how many days the expense is overdue by

  7. If an expense does not have any notes, it has been paid

Expense Details

If you want to see any details of an expense, just tap and you will get some additional information, as well as the ability to:

  1. Edit the transaction

  2. Duplicate the transaction

  3. Share the transaction

Add or Edit a Supplier

To edit an existing Supplier

  1. Tap on the Filter icon in the All Suppliers bar at the top

  2. Search or scroll for the Supplier you want to work with 

  3. Tap on the Supplier to view or edit

Enter an Expense

To create a new expense:

  1. Tap on the Create icon on the top right-hand side

  2. Tap on Expense

You now see the quick entry window. All you need to do is:

  1. Type in an Amount

  2. Select a Date

  3. Add a Tax

  4. Select a Supplier

  5. Select the Paid From… field, to choose how it was paid for

  6. Select an Expense account

  7. You can also add an attachment by tapping on the paperclip icon

  8. To create the invoice, you simply tap on Save

  9. If you want to add more details to the expense, you can tap on More

More options

Hitting More will pop up the What You See is What You Get expense view. You are able to tap on, and edit, any portion of an Expense. The extra options available to you in this view are:

  1. The ability to add a due date

  2. The ability to add a Bill #

  3. The ability to add a description, unit cost, and quantity, to a line item

  4. The ability to add additional line items

  5. The ability to add a payment

  6. The ability to add a memo

Add Attachment within the App

  • To attach a receipt, tap the paperclip icon

  • You can take a photo, choose a file from your Library or other locations

  • If you choose a photo, you can then crop the image and then select Done to attach the picture.

Add Attachment from outside the App 

With this feature, you can choose to invoke Quick Entry from other apps on your phone. Here's an example: within an app, choose an image and:

  1. Tap the share icon

  2. Tap on the Add to icon

Then select the business you want to add the photo to.

Then fill out the Quick Entry form. After you save the transaction, you'll go back to whatever app you were in.

Make a Payment 

There are 2 ways to make a payment on an outstanding bill - Create a Payment or Add a Payment to an existing bill. 

Create a Payment

  1. Tap the Create icon in the top right

  2. Tap Payment

  3. Tap Expense Payment

  4. Select Supplier 

  5. Select Paid To (the account the money should be allocated to)

  6. Tap More to enter a Description 

Add a payment

To pay a Supplier's expense you:

  1. Tap on the Supplier's expense

  2. Tap on Edit

  3. Add payment

  4. Choose a Date

  5. Fill in Description field if you like

  6. Choose a Payment Account. This selects which of your accounts you have used to pay the Supplier expense

  7. Enter the Amount of the payment

  8. Tap Save

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