The Reports section can be accessed by tapping on Reports from the list view. 

Overview of Reports section

The Reports section will let you access the following reports:

  • Income Statement

  • Balance Sheet

  • Unpaid Invoices

  • Unpaid Bills

  • Trial Balance

  • Chart of Accounts

  • All Transactions

  • General Ledger

To view any of these reports, simply tap the name.

Income Statement

The Income Statement report shows you all your sales & expenses within a specific date range. 

  1. Tap the dates at the top to change the time frame

  2. If you tap on any individual account, you will be taken to that accounts details page, which lists all the transactions found within it

  3. View the totals for each account based on the date range selected

  4. Re-order the report by account name of account number

  5. Share

Balance Sheet

Your balance sheet report will show you your asset, liability, and equity accounts and their balances at a particular moment in time.

  1. Tap the date on the top to pick the moment in time you want to see the balance sheet for

  2. Share

Unpaid Invoices 

This is a list of who owes you money. These are the invoices that have been issued to clients but have not been paid for yet.

  1. Tap on the As of Date to change the date that the report is currently showing.  Current means the customer is still within the timeframe that you gave them to pay. 1-30 days means the customer is late by 1-30 days in making a payment, 31-60 days means they are late by 31-60 days, and so on…

  2. Tap on a client to see the entire history of all transactions with that client

  3. Share 

You will need to scroll horizontally in this report to see all the data. At the far right is the total amount owing for each client. The bottom right shows the Grand Total of invoices owed, by client, and in total.

Unpaid Bills

Unpaid Bills looks and functions exactly like Unpaid Invoices but it shows Suppliers that you owe money to. Unpaid Bills will give you a good handle on how much money you owe, to whom, and when that money is due.

Trial Balance

This Trial Balance is a report your accountant will want come tax time. It shows all your accounts and their balances.

  1. You choose the date of the report by tapping on the date at the top

  2. If you tap on any individual account, you will be taken to that accounts details page, which lists all the transactions found within it

  3. Share

Chart of Accounts

This is a listing of all your accounts and the type of account they are. 

All Transactions

This shows every transaction made in your business in chronological order. 

  1. Tap the date to set the date range you want to look at

  2. Tap the Account to see all the transactions in that account

  3. Tap the Contact to see all the transactions related to that contact

  4. Share

General Ledger

It’s like the All Transactions report but instead of organizing transactions by date, it sorts them by account. You can change the to and from dates.

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