To enter an invoice/bill payment

  1. Tap on the Create icon 

  2. Tap Payment

Choose the type of Payment, Invoice Payment of Bill Payment. 

There you can:

  1. Type in an Amount

  2. Select a Date

  3. Select a Customer

  4. Select the Paid To field to choose the account the funds will be deposited to

  5. Add an attachment by tapping on the paperclip icon

  6. Create the payment, by tapping on Save

  7. Add more details to the payment by tapping on More

If you don't use the More button to add additional details, the payment will be automatically applied to the oldest outstanding invoices/bills first. If there are no outstanding invoices/bills, the payment will be saved as a client credit/pre-paid expense that can be applied to future invoices/bills.

If you tap on More, you'll have the option to:

  1. Add a Reference #

  2. Add a Description

  3. Allocate funds as a client credit/pre-paid expense

  4. Select which invoices/bills the payment is applied to

Viewing / Editing Payments

To see or edit a payment, tap on the transaction from the Income or Expenses page.

You'll see a detailed view of the payment, where you can see which invoices/bills the payment was applied to and any client credits/pre-paid expenses created.

You will also have the ability to:

  1. Edit the payment

  2. Share the payment receipt

  3. Attach/View a file/photo

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