To enable bank feed access, you'll first need to verify your phone number. Please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to Settings > Connect Banks

2. Click on Verify your phone number now. The link will take you to the User Account area.

3. Select your country code and enter a mobile phone number then hit Save Phone Number

4. A text message (SMS) will be sent to your mobile phone and you will receive a message similar to the following: Your Kashoo verification code is: 5352. Enter the code on the screen and submit.

5. Once your number is verified, return to the Connect Banks page to begin adding a bank feed.

Additional Notes

  • Landlines and other numbers which do not support text messages (SMS) cannot be used for validation.
  • If a mobile number has already been validated, it cannot be used on another user account.
  • If a validated number is removed from a user account, it cannot be associated with another user account immediately.

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