If you have purchased additional AppSumo codes, please ensure all your businesses have been created first.

Redeeming a Code

  1. Go to Settings > Subscription and Billing.

2. Make sure the correct business is selected on the top left hand corner before making any changes. Next, expand the "Invite Code" section and enter the code: appsumo
An additional text field will appear for you to enter your AppSumo redemption code.

3. Once the code is redeemed, a success message will confirm that your business has been put onto an AppSumo subscription plan.

Note: If you attempt to redeem a code that has already been used, or use an invalid code, you will see the following error:

Selecting Another Business

If you have more than one business in your profile, you can quickly switch to another business by clicking the drop down menu on the top left corner. We recommend checking the subscription status of all your businesses and redeeming a code for each one.

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