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In Settings, you can update and add new information relating to their overall business, such as contact information, invoicing requirements, and additional users.

Business Details

In Business Details, your "Business Name", "Tax ID" or "Business Number", "Business Type", and "Industry" can be edited, along with your "Transaction Start Date".

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Subscription and Billing 

The Subscription and Billing page allows you to control how you will manage your Kashoo subscription for your account.

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Invoicing and Payments

The contact information provided here, is your main company contact information that will be used for invoices you send to your customers. It is also the contact information Kashoo may use to contact you.

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Sales Tax

Many small businesses have to charge sales taxes for goods and services sold. After your tax definitions are created, Kashoo will track the sales taxes for you when you sell goods and services. Kashoo will also track sales taxes you have paid on expenses.

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Connect Banks

Connect your accounts and automatically import your bank and credit card transactions.

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Manage Users

Initially whoever creates the account will be the only user, but Kashoo allows multiple people to access a Kashoo Business. Each person can have one of 3 roles; each role has a different access level. 

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Export Data

You can instantly export all the transactions and accounts associated with your Kashoo business in 1 file.  You can choose to export all of your data in any of four formats: XLS (Excel), XML, CSV or IIF (QuickBooks).  

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Connect your Stripe, Square or FreshBooks accounts with Kashoo and streamline your business.

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Edit User Profile

Your profile page is where you can update your Kashoo login and view preferences.

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To exit the Settings section at any time, click the X in the upper right.

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