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Kashoo Classic: Setting Up Clients and Suppliers
Kashoo Classic: Setting Up Clients and Suppliers

Learn how to set up clients and suppliers and how the client and supplier pages work.

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Note: If you're looking to import clients or suppliers using a spreadsheet, please view the article Importing Contacts.

To set up customers or vendors, go to the Clients or Suppliers pages, which can be found under the Lists menu.

Both the Clients and Suppliers pages act in the same way, so we'll only show an example of setting up a client .

To set up a client, simply click on Clients and scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add New Client 

Then you can input the information that you want on your client.

There are four fields that you can fill out to make entering income and expenses faster. They are:

  • Terms or Payment

  • Income (or Expense) Account

  • Tax

  • Credit Card Processor

Note: The Tax field is not visible until you choose the Income (or Expense) account.

If you fill out any of those fields, they will be automatically entered when you select the client (or supplier) when creating an invoice (or entering an expense).

Once you've created transactions involving the client, you'll see the client's balance on the right hand sidebar.

You'll also see a list of all the client's transactions below the client's details.

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