Learn how to import payroll data from Paychex into Kashoo.

  • How to Signup for Paychex Payroll

  • How to Setup the Integration Between Paychex Payroll and Kashoo

  • How to View Imported Payroll Data

  • How to Manually Import Your Paychex Payroll File

  • How to Get Support

How to Signup for Paychex Payroll

To take advantage of special discounted pricing that is available only to Kashoo customers, sign up for Paychex through the Payroll page in the Kashoo application. To do so:

Click on the Payroll page.

Click Get Paychex Payroll Quote Now

Start the enrollment process.

How to Setup the Integration Between Paychex Payroll and Kashoo

Step 1 - Set up your payroll accounts in Kashoo

Log into your Paychex Flex account (formerly Paychex Online) and see which accounts you have. Below is a default set of accounts that you’ll have with a typical Paychex account:

  • 1030 - Payroll Clearing Account (Bank)

  • 2500 - Federal Taxes Payable (Other Current Liability)

  • 2510 - State Taxes Payable (Other Current Liability)

  • 2520 - Local Income Tax Payable (Other Current Liability)

  • 2530 - Social Security Tax Payable (Other Current Liability)

  • 2540 - Medicare Tax Payable (Other Current Liability)

  • 2550 - Other Employee Withholding Payable (Other Current Liability)

  • 2560 - Other Employer Taxes Payable (Other Current Liability)

  • 2570 - Wages Payable (Other Current Liability)

  • 5800 - Payroll Expense (Expense)

  • 5820 - Employer Payroll Taxes (Expense)

  • 5830 - Payroll Processing Fee (Expense)

Note: Your Paychex payroll account may contain a different set of accounts then the ones listed above, so please make sure that the same accounts you find in Paychex are also created in Kashoo.


Then in the Add New Account area, simply fill out the account Number, Name and Type as outlined above. For example, this is what setting up the Payroll Clearing Account would look like:

Note: It is not necessary to fill out the Description field.

Note: Depending on your existing business in Kashoo, you may already have some of these accounts set up. If you already do, you need to make sure the exact Number, Name and Type match those found in Paychex. For example, you probably already have a Payroll Expense account set up in Kashoo, so make sure it matches what’s found in Payhex.

Step 2 - Export your Chart of Accounts from Kashoo to be entered into Paychex

This step requires that you export your chart of accounts from Kashoo and send it to your Paychex Payroll Specialist so that they can match them to your Paychex account.

To export your chart of accounts click on the CSV export link in the Accounts page.

Now send the CSV file to your Paychex Payroll Specialist.

Step 3 - Set up the integration between Paychex and Kashoo

Enable your payroll transactions to be automatically imported into Kashoo by connecting your Paychex and Kashoo accounts. To do this, call Kashoo support (+1-888-520-5274) to let them know your Paychex payroll Business ID.

How to View Imported Payroll Data

When you process your payroll run in Paychex with your Paychex Payroll Specialist, your payroll transactions will automatically be imported into Kashoo.

You can view all your imported payroll transactions from the Payroll page.

There you will see a list of all automatically and manually imported transactions in the Payroll Import History table.

If you click on the transaction, you can see the details of it.

If you look at the entry created, you may notice that it's done in a way that's easy to reconcile. Each bank account line item represents a different transaction that will withdraw funds from your bank, like a check being issued to an employee, an EFT transfer for direct deposits, and an EFT payment for taxes.

In addition to the Payroll page, you can view the transactions from the Bills to Pay page.

You’ll find the transaction in the transaction history section. If you have many entries and have a hard time finding your imported transaction, try typing in “paychex payroll” into the search box and hitting Enter. This should pull up only your Paychex payroll transactions.

To view the transaction, click on it.

How to Manually Import Your Paychex Payroll File

If you want to manually import payroll files into Kashoo, here's how you do it.

First, you need to export a payroll file, so log in to your Paychex Flex account.

Go to the General Ledger.

Then go to Journal Entry Files.

Then download your payroll file by selecting the payroll file (the format will be "Universal Export") then clicking on the Download Selected Files link.

Note: If you don't see your payroll run files, go to the Don't See Your Payroll Run Files? section.

Save the file to your computer.

To import the payroll file, go to the Payroll page in Kashoo.

From there, click on Choose File and locate where you saved the exported Paychex payroll file.

Note: Kashoo cannot import multiple files at a time or a file that contains multiple payroll runs within it. So, please import one file at a time, and if you have a file with multiple payroll runs in it, please generate separate files.

Then press Upload and Import.

Don't See Your Payroll Run Files?

If the payroll run files are not readily available to download, you can generate them by using the "Create / Request Export File" form.

If you are generating files, it is very important that you select "Individual Payroll", since Kashoo can only import one payroll run file at a time. Once you select "Individual Payroll", you'll be able to choose which payroll run file to generate.

How to get Support

For support with your payroll, please contact your designated Paychex payroll specialist.

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