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Kashoo Classic: Export Data into Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.
Kashoo Classic: Export Data into Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.

Learn how to export your data, including reports, income and expense transactions, and even a backup of your entire business.

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If you look under the reports section in the left hand navigation menu, all those reports (except for History) can be exported.

The formats you can export to are Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF, and Google.

To export, simply click on the link.

Other areas

You are also able to export data from the following pages:

  1. Income and Expenses

  2. Invoices

  3. Bills to Pay

  4. Journal Entries

  5. Checks

  6. Accounts

  7. Clients

  8. Suppliers

The formats you can export to are Excel and CSV (with the exception of Accounts, which lets you export to Excel, CSV, PDF, and Google).

One click access to all your business’ data

You may want to export all of your business’ data with one click in order to get a back up of all your data. To do so click on Settings in the top right-hand corner.

Then click on Export Data in the left navigation menu.

Select the export format from the drop down list and click Export .

The file contains the following data:

  1. Unpaid Bills

  2. Unpaid Invoices

  3. Balance Sheet

  4. Income Statement

  5. Trial Balance

  6. Accounts

  7. Customers

  8. Vendors

  9. Income

  10. Expenses

  11. Transfers

  12. Adjustments

  13. Checks


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