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Kashoo Classic: Importing Contacts
Kashoo Classic: Importing Contacts

Learn how to import customers and vendors from a CSV, Excel (97 – 2003), or vCard file.

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Click here to download the import template that you can use to import your customers.

Note: If you’re an Excel user, the new Excel format, with the extension xlsx is not supported. To change your excel file to the supported format you must choose “Save As …” from the file menu and select “Excel ’97-2003 Workbook”. Max file size 1MB


  1. Go to the Clients or Suppliers section, depending on which of these you want to import

  2. Click the Import button

  3. Enter a name for the data you want to import, based on where it came from; for example “Gmail Export”

  4. If your CSV/Excel file does not including headings on the first row (most do), change “Column Headings” to “Not Provided”

  5. Click Choose File to select the file to upload

  6. Click Upload to upload the file

  7. After a short pause the columns in the file should appear in the Column Mappings section. Check whether each column is mapped to an appropriate field. Columns which are not mapped to a field will not be imported

  8. Ensure that you have columns for at least company name, or first name and last name

  9. Click Save to save your changes to the column mapping

  10. If you like, you may now review the contacts to be imported down below

  11. Click Import All to import all the contacts you uploaded


  • You may upload the same file multiple times after importing and it will remember the column mappings

  • If you are importing files from multiple sources with different formats, you can use the “New…” action in the List Name dropdown to add additional lists each with their own mappings

  • You are able to import notes you have associated with the client or supplier

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