If you already have an account with Square, you can integrate it with Kashoo and automatically import your sales activity.

How to link Kashoo and Square

1. Login to Kashoo and go to the Settings area on the top right hand corner.

2. Then go to the Add-ons page.

3. Select Square from the options.

4. Select Add Square account to access the Square site.

5. Sign in to your Square account.

6. Authorize Kashoo to access your Square account by clicking on Allow.

7. You'll be asked to review the Square Account Mapping section, which you can accept or change to suit your own preferences.

8. Lastly, select Save Square to save your configuration.

After saving the configuration, you'll be brought right into Kashoo.

All your transactions will be automatically imported into Kashoo. You can find your transactions in the Invoices page (it may take a minute for the initial import of transactions to occur). All your sales will be attributed to an automatically created Square Customer, as seen in the above screenshot.

Square Account Mapping SettingsĀ 

Please click here to learn how to edit the Square Account Mapping settings for the Square integration.

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