The easiest way to accept credit card payments on invoices you email out to clients.  

What is “Payments”

Payments is a way to receive credit card payments from your clients using Kashoo. By enabling Payments, you can email your invoice to clients with a link that allows them pay you online via Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Payments are automatically logged in Kashoo, and when the money is transferred to your bank account that Transfer transaction will also be created in Kashoo, along with any associated “Payments” fees.

Enabling “Payments” in Kashoo

1. Click Settings (top right)

2. Click on Invoicing and Payments (left sidebar)

3. Confirm the contact information displayed and agree to the 'terms of service' and then click Start Accepting Payments. Your account is immediately ready to send out your first invoice and accept payments via credit card. However, your payment portal still needs to be verified in the next step. 

4. To access your payment portal and setup how you want your money deposited, check your email for log in instructions from WePay. You can also find the Log Into WePay button located under the Account Mappings area.

Note: Please verify your account as soon as possible to ensure all funds are deposited to you without delay.

Set Defaults and Notifications

Once you have set up your Credit Card Processing accounts you can set your default behaviours in Kashoo, at the Company level as well as at the Customer level.

Company Default Payment Settings:

In Settings > Invoice and Payments you have the option set the default way that you allow credit card payments, you can also choose to have no credit card option as your default.

Once you have set up your first credit card processing account you will now have the option to set up a Payment Notification Email. This notification will email you every time your customers pay. You don't need to do anything because the payment will automatically show up in Kashoo. But this notification lets you know in real-time who has paid you. Additionally, Kashoo will notify you if there is ever a problem when trying to process a payment.

Press Enter and If you've added an email address correctly, you'll see a green box below.

Client default:

In the Clients section (accessible on left sidebar), you'll have the option to choose your default Credit Card Processor to use for a specific Client. This will save you steps when you create an Invoice.
To choose the default Credit Card Processor: 

1. Click Clients (left sidebar)
2. Select desired Client from the Clients listed
3. In Client’s settings, edit the Credit Card Processor field:

Sending Invoices and Receiving Payments

In order to send invoices and receive payments, and Invoice must first exist. Either select an existing Invoice, or follow the instructions below to create a new Invoice:

  1. Go to Invoices (left sidebar) 
  2. Select appropriate Client, Project (if applicable), Dates, and input Line Items, Prices, and Taxes (if applicable). 
  3. Click the Show Options link if not already expanded

4. Set the Receivable Account to Unpaid Accounts Receivable*. If the Invoice is marked as “Paid” you will NOT be able to use Credit Card Processing for that Invoice.
*This can be “Due on Receipt”, “30 days”, “60 days” etc. as long as it is Unpaid Accounts Receivable. 

If you have a default set up then when you email the invoice it will have a payment link on it for your customer to pay you online. You can also override how you want to accept payments per invoice by changing the Allow credit card payment via field.

5.  Once all desired fields are populated, click “Add Invoice”. An Invoice cannot be emailed if it has not been created. Once an Invoice has been created a dialogue will appear (this is a temporary dialogue box).   

6. Click Email to email the Invoice to the Client. There will be a message on the bottom of the Email pop-up letting you know which processor is associated with that Invoice. Enter in any additional information you want into the body of the email and click Send.

What Your Customer Will See

1. Your customer will receive an email that contains a link, allowing them to pay the invoice online using their credit card. 

2. When your customer clicks on the link they will go to a page that outlines the details of the invoice.

3. When your customer clicks on Pay Invoice a pop up will appear and they will be asked to input their billing details and click on Pay Now.

4. They will then be taken to a Payment Complete Screen, where they will have the option to Print Receipt.

Special Notes:

  • If you have multiple credit card processing accounts set up in Kashoo, you can update the one you have set on any given invoice at will. Your customer will pay using the processor that you have selected in Kashoo. If you have already sent out an invoice with a payment link to your customer and later change the processor in Kashoo, your customer will pay based on your latest changes in Kashoo -- all without you having to re-send the invoice.
  • If you disconnect your Credit Card Processing accounts, all payment links that have been sent via email will be voided. If you reconnect your Credit Card accounts, you will need to send out the invoices with new payment links on them.
  • If your Kashoo subscription is not valid, all your payment links will be inactive.
  • User access level of Creator or Admin required in order to access the Credit Card Processing page to configure the settings.

Period Locking

  • You can't send an invoice with a payment link when your period lock end date is set in the future.
  • If you had sent an invoice with a payment link and then later change your period lock end date to a date in the future, when your customer pays their invoice, the payment will be processed normally, but the payment will not be recorded in Kashoo. You will need to manually record this.
  • If the customer attempts to pay an invoice that has already been paid, they will see a message indicating there is no amount due and to contact the business owner for details.

Refunding Payments to Clients (who paid using Payments)

1. To initiate a refund to a Client who used Payments, you must first refund from the Payment Processor.
2. Next, in Kashoo, select the Invoice that needs to be refunded and follow the Kashoo Refund Help Article for Refund options.* NOTE: Issuing a refund in Kashoo will NOT refund a payment made via Payments.  

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