To add multiple users to your business, do the following:

Click on Settings in the top right corner.

Click on Manage Users

Click Add User.

Enter the required information and click Add User.

The new user will receive an email with the information they need to set up a password and log in.

Access Levels

There are 4 different levels of multi-user access built into Kashoo:

  1. Administrator (Admin)/ Creator
  2. View / Edit only
  3. View Only
  4. No Access

Administrator / Creator

After users sign up for a user account with Kashoo, they are usually taken to a page that allows them to create a business. The person who first creates a business is labeled the Creator. The creator will always have full access to the business file. Unless the users have entered another name and email address as the person responsible for billing inquiries.

Admin users have the same level of access as the creator of the business account. They have the ability to change payment plans, add or delete business records, and cancel the business account with Kashoo.

View / Edit Only

Users who are given a View / Edit Only status will be able to enter records, edit records, view financial statements, and create invoices. However, users with a View / Edit classification cannot delete entire business files, change billing information, or change users' access levels. View/Edit is ideal for giving access to users who will be performing data entry but don't need full control over the account.

View Only

Users who are given the View Only status will not be able to add, change, or remove any records from the business file. They are given access to view all the transactions as well as being able to view reports and export them to a PDF / Excel format to print or view. This access level is recommended for an auditor or advisor who wants to see your financials.

No Access

Users who are labeled as No Access will not be able to access the business file. This option is used to remove users who have been previously given access to the business account but is no longer allowed to view the records on the business file.

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