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Kashoo Classic: Importing a Trial Balance
Kashoo Classic: Importing a Trial Balance

Importing a Trial Balance allows you start using Kashoo with your opening balances from another software

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Learn how to import your trial balance into Kashoo by uploading a spreadsheet. This allows you to import your chart of accounts and opening balances so that you will not have to manually enter each one into your account.

Your debit and credit columns on your spreadsheet must be balanced in order for the file to be uploaded. 

Spreadsheet (Excel or CSV)

In order to successfully be able to import your trial balance into Kashoo using an excel document, please refer to the following instructions below. To help you out, we have a template already made for you which you download by clicking here.

Your headers should be in the order of:

  • First Column - Account Number (The number of that particular account, ex. 1000, 1001,1002).

  • Second Column - Account Name (Classification of Account, ex. Office Supplies, Operating Profit).

  • Third Column - Account Type (Income/Expense).

  • Fourth Column - Description (Put in any side notes to yourself).

  • Fifth Column - Debit (All debit balances).

  • Sixth Column - Credit (All credit balances).

Importing your Trial Balance

To import you Trial Balance click on Accounts

Click on Import: Trial Balance link 

Upload your file:

  • If you'd like to customize the List Name you can, otherwise, it will automatically be generated for you.

  • In the Date field select the date of the trial balance report you're importing.

  • Indicate whether your import file has headings or no headings in the Column Headings field.

  • Select Choose File, choose a file and then click Upload.

Verify the Kashoo fields agree with the column headings of the import file you uploaded. Click Save.

You will see a list of what you will import at the bottom of the page. Now click  Import All.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to import your trial balance. Click Yes to continue.

Once you confirm that you want to import your trial balance, you will notice that the status of what you imported will show as Synchronized and a green bar will appear again that says done.


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