Kashoo allows you to customize how your PDF invoices appear to your customers. You can choose from a selection of invoice design templates, and include your own payment instructions text on the invoice.

Note: For advanced customization, please read the article Custom HTML / CSS Invoice Variables.

Customize your Invoice

To customize your invoices, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Invoices page.

2. Select an existing transaction.

3. Click the Edit Invoice Template link.

4.  Select a template you like.

Previewing your Invoices

You can choose to preview what the invoice template will look like with your own data (ie. your company name, address, logo, customer details, items, etc.) by selecting one of your existing invoices in the Preview section.

A PDF preview of the invoice selected will be shown for your review.

Any invoices that you export or send out as a PDF will now appear with the selected invoice template, and invoice instructions text.

Change your default invoice

Perhaps you simply want to choose a different template. What do you do?

1. Go to the Income page.

2. Select an existing transaction.

3. Choose a template from the dropdown box next to the Edit Invoice Template link and then click Save.

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