Do you need to upgrade, change, or cancel your plan? Here's how.

Note: Billing is done on a per-business basis, so updating details on one will not affect the others.

Go to the Subscription and Billing page

Click on Settings in the top right hand corner.

On the left hand side, click on Subscription and Billing.

Changing your plan

Changing your plan is as simple as putting a check mark next to the plan you want.

If you have an invitation code, make sure to open the Invite Code field, enter the code, and then click Apply.

Once you have selected a plan, enter in your credit card information and click Save.

Cancelling your subscription

Please note that if you cancel your subscription your account will be fully removed from the system and you won't be able to view it any further.

Click on Settings in the top right hand corner.

2. Next go to Subscription and Billing.

3. Then click on Cancel Subscription.

4. Type in Cancel and then click on the Cancel Subscription button.

Subscription Issues

If any of your subscriptions are not up-to-date, you'll be automatically taken to the Subscription and Billing page in the Settings area where you can choose a plan or update your billing information as needed.

If you only have 1 business you will need to update your subscription or billing information before you can do any work in the software. If you have multiple businesses and want to work in a different business then you need to select the other business from the drop-down list in the top left-hand corner to continue.

Once you have updated your Subscription and Billing you can click on the Workspace icon in the top right-hand corner to continue entering data in Kashoo.

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