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Kashoo Classic: Edit User Profile
Kashoo Classic: Edit User Profile

Information about your Kashoo login and view preferences

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Home > Settings > Edit User Profile

Your profile page is where you can update your User Name, Login Email address and Password, and your Phone Number that Kashoo can use to verify your account and enable two-factor authentication.

Click on the Save button for the specific section after any changes are made or they will not be retained.

After changing your email, a message will be sent to your new email address to confirm the changes. Check your email inbox for this message and follow the instructions to confirm the changes.

Two-Factor Authentication

You can enable two-factor authentication (2FA) by adding a valid phone number. A code will be sent to your phone via SMS text. Once enabled, it will be enforced on all Web and Mobile apps. This feature supports accounts that login using a password or Google Sign In.

If your phone number is already saved, click on Enable to activate 2FA. To disable it, click on Disable.

User Options

Use Dark Mode resets the workspace colors to high-contrast mode, making the background black and the text white and yellow.

The two options for Chart of Accounts Ordering let you set a preferred order to view your chart of accounts on your Accounts page. You can choose to see them ordered numerically or alphabetically.

To exit the Settings pages at any time, click the X in the upper right.

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