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On the Subscription and Billing page you control your Kashoo subscription payment plan.

If you manage multiple businesses in Kashoo, click the dropdown menu in the upper right to select the business you want to manage.

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To subscribe initially, you will see all of the subscription options. The subscription options always show the full list price before any discounts and taxes are applied. Click on one of the plan options to select it, then click on the Buy Subscription Plan button. A popup will launch and walk you through completing the billing setup.

If you have a coupon code, click the Apply coupon link and add the code. Click on the Proceed to Checkout button and step through the setup filling in your contact name, address, and credit card details that match what your credit card issuer expects; then click on the Pay & Subscribe button to process your subscription.

Once subscribed, you can change your subscription plan, manage your credit cards and billing details, or view your invoices at any time.

Change Subscription Plan

Selecting the Change Plan option shows you all the available billing plans, displaying the full list price. Select your preferred plan, then click on the Change Subscription Plan button. This will launch billing windows similar to those shown above.

Manage Credit Cards

Select the Manage Credit Cards option and follow the steps. You can change your credit card, and set up more than one credit card in case your primary card expires or otherwise can not be used for your Kashoo subscription. Click the X to close the window when you are finished.

Edit Billing Address

Select the Edit Billing Address option and then click on the > symbol to edit the details. Click on the Update button to save the changes, then click the X to close the window when you are finished.

View Billing History

In August 2020, Kashoo implemented a new subscription billing system.

Going forward, Kashoo Classic customers who had accounts prior to that date will have 2 different sets of subscription billing history. Any payments made for your account subscription prior to the migration will appear in a list below the subscription definition.

For invoices processed after the cut-over date, click on the Manage Billing link and choose the View Billing History option to view a list of those subscription payments for your Kashoo account.

If you want to download and invoice, click on the Download link, then save it to your desired location.

Account Information

Click on the Account Information link to see who will receive the invoices. Initially this is the person setup for your Kashoo account as your Admin and Billing user. Click on the > symbol to change the subscription billing recipient, complete the changes, then click on the Update button.

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Cancel Your Subscription

At the bottom of the page, you can cancel your subscription by clicking on the Cancel Subscription button. A popup will appear.

The window title and the text above the text box will tell you which business you are about to cancel. Once you confirm this is the right business, type "cancel" in the text box, then click on the Cancel Subscription button below. You will no longer be billed.

Important: Cancelling will remove your business from Kashoo. You will no longer be able to access its data.

To exit the Settings section at any time, click the X in the upper right.

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