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The Subscription and Billing page allows you to control how you will manage your Kashoo subscription payment plan.

After selecting a plan, click on the Choose Subscription Plan button.  Complete the Billing section, with your credit card information, then click on the Complete Purchase button to update your subscription to that plan.  

You will see confirmation once your credit card is processed successfully.

Change Subscription Plan 

Clicking on the Change Subscription Plan option shows you all the billing plans available.  Select your preferred plan, then click on the Change Subscription Plan button to update your subscription. 

Change Billing Information

Click on the Change Billing Info button and fill in new credit card details, then click on the Update Billing button to save the changes.

Cancel Subscription

At the bottom of the page, you can cancel your subscription by clicking on the Cancel Subscription button and typing "cancel" in the text box, then click on the Cancel Subscription button below. You will no longer be billed.

Important: Cancelling will remove your business from Kashoo and you will no longer be able to access its data.

To exit the Settings section at any time, click the X in the upper right.

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