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Kashoo Classic: Business Details

Update your business information and toggle features

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In Business Details, you tell Kashoo the high-level details about your business. 

Business Information

You can change your "Business Name", "Taxpayer ID" or "Business Number", "Business Type" and "Industry".  

Fiscal Year and Currency

You can change your "Fiscal Year Start" and "Transaction Start" dates. 

The "Transaction Start Date" determines how far back Kashoo will store your Business' accounting information. Changing your "Fiscal Year Start" date will have tax filing implications so carefully consider your decision to do so.

Your "Currency" is fixed when you first create your business and is not editable.


Check any of the boxes for the features you want your business to have in Kashoo:

  • Create and track project costs - great for businesses that want to see the profitability of client projects.

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  • Lock a period to prevent further changes - protect your accounting data to prevent accidental or unexpected changes

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  • Support multiple currencies - invoice and track payments in currencies other than your business' home currency.

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Once you have completed your changes, click the Save Settings button.  

To exit the Settings section at any time, click the X in the upper right.

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