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Kashoo Classic: Multiple Currencies
Kashoo Classic: Multiple Currencies

Learn how to use multi-currency in your business

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Home > Settings > Business Details

To begin, go to Settings.

Enabling / Disabling Multi-currency

On the Business Details page, check the box to Enable Multi-currency support, then click on the Save Settings button.

If you don't see the Enable Multi-currency support option, your subscription plan doesn't offer multi-currency. Please change your subscription plan or contact support for help.  

Once you have enabled multi-currency and have recorded transactions in multiple currencies, disabling the Multi-currency support feature doesn't change any of the multi-currency transactions already recorded. However,  it will hide the multi-currency fields, as seen below.

Multi-currency enabled

Multi-currency disabled

What happens when multi-currency data is imported?

If you import transactions through an add-on or by using the API, and those transactions are not in your business' home currency, they will be imported as multi-currency transactions, even if the feature is not enabled.

To exit the Settings pages at any time, click the X in the upper right.

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