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Note: If you enable multi-currency, you won't be able to use iOS apps.

Enabling / Disabling Multi-currency

On the Business Details page, check the box to Enable Multi-currency support, then click on the Save Settings button.

If you can't change the toggle, it's probably because you don't have Admin and Billing privileges. Read about permissions here.

If you don't see the Enable Multi-currency support option, your subscription plan doesn't offer multi-currency. Please change your subscription plan or contact support for help.  

Once you have enabled multi-currency and have recorded transactions in multiple currencies, disabling the Multi-currency support feature doesn't change any of the multi-currency transactions already recorded. However,  it will hide the multi-currency fields, as seen below.

Multi-currency enabled

Multi-currency disabled

What happens when multi-currency data is imported?

If you import transactions through an add-on like FreshBooks or by using the API, and those transactions are not in your business' home currency, they will be imported as multi-currency transactions, even if the feature is not enabled.

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To exit the Settings pages at any time, click the X in the upper right.

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