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Kashoo Classic: New Subscription Billing System FAQ
Kashoo Classic: New Subscription Billing System FAQ
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Kashoo has implemented a new, more secure subscription billing system which offers a number of features our previous system did not have - like easy access to your billing history, the ability to quickly changing your billing address, and to add multiple credit cards designating one as the primary.

This article hopes to address some questions you may have about this change.

How Do I View and Download My Subscription Invoices?

Going forward, Kashoo Classic customers who had accounts prior to that date will have 2 different sets of subscription billing history. Any payments made for your subscription before the system upgrade will appear in a list below the subscription plan details.

To view and download invoices paid after the cut-over date, click on the View Invoices after... link above the Subscription Invoices list.

You can also get to the new invoices list by clicking on the Manage Billing link and selecting the Billing History link in the popup. The list of your subscription payments will appear.

The Price Does Not Match What I Should Be Billed

The amount in the main view reflects the full list price for the subscription option you chose. However, the invoice itself reflects what you actually paid, along with any applied discounts and taxes. Click on the Manage Billing link, then click on the > symbol for the Subscription Plan to display your Subscription Details. From here you can view your cost breakdown. Click the X to close the window when you are finished.

Will My Billing Cycle Change?

No. Your usual billing cycle will remain the same in the new system.

The Number on My New Invoice is Out of Sequence

You may notice the Invoice Number sequence has changed. This is simply an artifact of the new billing system.

My Subscription Renewal Did Not Go Through

The new billing system uses a more secure payment processor. It performs additional validation checks on the credit card information you included in Kashoo.

Click on the Manage Billing link and review the Billing Address, and Payment Method information to ensure they match the name, address, and credit card details your credit card issuer expects.

My Credit Card Number is Missing

Some customers' credit card numbers did not migrate over. If you find this applies to you, simply click on the Manage Billing link, then click on the Payment Methods link and follow the steps in the setup to add it back.

The new billing system also allows you to include one or more backup credit cards to prevent your subscription from lapsing. You can choose which one should be used as the primary.

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I Can't Manage My Subscription

You may find that the Change Plan button is inactive and there is no Manage Billing link. Only users that are assigned as the Admin and Billing role can make any changes to their subscription. To determine who is assigned to that role for your account, click on the Manage Users screen in the Settings menu.

Any Admin user can assign any listed user as the Admin and Billing person, but there can be only one person assigned to that role.

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