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TrulySmall Mobile App: Inbox Review
TrulySmall Mobile App: Inbox Review

Your Smart Inbox is with you wherever you are.

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Having TrulySmall Accounting's Smart Inbox in your hand, means tracking and managing your income and expenses has never been easier.

Your Home page's To Review tab contains all Inbox transactions that need your attention. The number in the tab title indicates how many transactions are in your Inbox awaiting your review.

From this tab, you can review, modify and post these transactions.

This tab also provides a quick way to upload a receipt, dynamically creating a new transaction from it.

Review, Modify, and Post a Transaction

Transactions are in order by date, beginning with the most recent. Swipe through the list to look for a transaction you want to review.

Tap on the transaction to open it. As is the case on the desktop version, transactions that are imported from your connected bank accounts have some editing restrictions. You can not change the transaction Date or the Account that the transaction is processed through, but almost everything else can be altered.

You can...

  • Change the transaction type, if appropriate

  • Select, change, or type in a new Supplier Contact, adding them to your business

  • Select or change the income or expense Category each line item represents

  • Add new line items, breaking out the transaction into multiple items when needed

  • Add or Update Transaction Details

  • Attach a File

  • Post the Transaction

  • Switch between businesses in your account

With uploaded Receipt transactions, you have added flexibility to change the Date and Amount.

Change the Transaction Type

Changing the type is simple. Tap the alternative Transaction Type at the top of the item.

Select, Change, or Add a New Supplier Contact to Your Business

Tap the Contact name to select from your list of contacts you've previously added to your business, or type in a new contact to create a new one, then tap OK.

Select or Change the Income or Expense Category

Until TrulySmall Accounting has learned your business, you may need to change the category that was given or add a category if one was not identified. Tap to edit the item, then tap the Category and swipe to find and select one from the list. Tap the Apply button to set the account category.

Break the Transaction into Multiple Items

When multiple categories of expenses or income are part of the transaction, you can separate them into separate items.

Tap the + Add line item link, then define the Amount and Category. If sales tax applies, tap the Tax element and choose whether it is "Included/Excluded" or "Custom...", then choose which tax(es) apply.

Note: For connected account transactions the Total is fixed to the amount received from the bank. Therefore you must change the Amount of the original item to be sure the sum of all items matches the transaction Total.

Update Transaction Details

The Transaction Details section includes whatever the bank sends as identifiable information, however you can tap the text box and change, add to, or remove the content.

Post the Transaction

Tap the Post button to post the expense to your business. Once the item is posted, the item will disappear from your To Review tab, and will be subtracted from the item count shown next to the tab name. Tap the Posted tab to access the transaction if desired.

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Attach a File

Tap the Attach icon, then choose from the 2 receipt capture options - Take a photo or Choose an existing photo.

Tapping the Take a photo option launches your device's camera app. Once captured, if you are happy with the image, click OK. Click Cancel to retake the photo.

Tapping the Choose an existing photo option launches your device’s image library app. Once captured, if you are happy with the image, click OK. Click Cancel to retake the photo.

Process the Receipt

Once accepted, you can

Rename the file. Type over the filename received from your device. This name will appear below the image of the receipt.

Choose a different file. If you don't want to attach the image you chose, you can choose a different file stored on your device or take a new photo.

After you make your changes, tap the checkmark to save and process the receipt. The receipt will appear below Transaction Details.

You can add more than one attachment to any transaction. These attachments serve as supporting documentation. As such, they will not automatically alter any of the existing details of the transaction.

Delete an Attachment

Any attached file can be deleted from any transaction. Tap to open the transaction then find the Attachments area.

Click on the X icon to delete the attachment and confirm.

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Pro tip: Any transaction that has attachments will appear with a paperclip icon below the Amount in the Inbox Review or Posted tabs.


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