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TrulySmall Mobile App: Posted Transactions
TrulySmall Mobile App: Posted Transactions

Your Transactions page is now mobile!

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On the Posted tab of your Home page you will find all of the transactions that, from any device, have been reviewed, categorized, and posted to your ledger. You can review them again, and make any changes you might have missed. Or add attachments you want to include.

Note: Mobile support is not yet available for Transfers or Adjustments.

Update a Transaction

Tap the Posted tab, then swipe to locate the desired transaction. Transactions are in date order beginning with the most recent. Tap on an item to open it for review. Tap on the element to make changes to or add:

  • Supplier Contact

  • Individual Items including Amount, Category, and Taxes

  • Transaction Details

  • Attachments

For Receipts you have uploaded or transactions you created on the desktop version, you can also change the:

  • Transaction Date

  • Account the funds were withdrawn from or deposited into, depending on the transaction type

Tap Save to save your changes when you are finished.

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Other Transaction Management Options

The 3-dot menu next to the Save button contains additional options for managing the transaction. The options depend on the transaction's origin.

If the transaction is from a connected account you will have the option to return it to the Inbox by clicking the 3-dot menu next to the Save button and tapping the Unpost option.

For manually created transactions, including receipts, the 3-dot menu will include a Delete option to delete the transaction.

In both cases, a window will appear and confirm whether you want to complete the Unpost or Delete action.


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