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TrulySmall Mobile App: Add Receipts
TrulySmall Mobile App: Add Receipts

Import a receipt as soon as you get it and never lose a receipt again.

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Receipts can provide valuable backup documentation for your records. In TrulySmall Accounting, they can also be used to create transactions, and save data input time.

Upload a Receipt

Tap the + icon on the To Review tab to take a picture of a receipt. . Once you tap on Receipt Capture you will have 2 options. Either you can Take a photo or you can Choose an existing photo that was previously saved to your device.

Receipt Capture

Tapping the Take a photo option launches your device's camera app. Once captured, if you are happy with the image, click OK. Click Cancel to retake the photo.

Tapping the Choose an existing photo option launches your device’s image library app. Once captured, if you are happy with the image, click OK. Click Cancel to retake the photo.

Process the Receipt

Once accepted, you can

Rename the file. Type over the filename received from your device. This name will appear in your Inbox as the transaction name.

Choose a different file. If you don't want to use the receipt in the image you chose, you can choose a different file stored on your device or take a new photo.

After you make your changes, tap the checkmark to save and process the receipt.

TrulySmall Accounting automatically reads the receipt and creates an item in your Inbox with the Transaction Date, Name, and Amount. For businesses where taxes are supported, the app will also obtain the appropriate taxes related to the transaction from your receipt.

You can locate the transaction in your Inbox based on the date on the receipt. From there you can review, update, and then post it to your business.

Pro tip: Receipt transactions appear in the list with a paperclip icon below the Amount.

Add a Receipt to an Existing Transaction

Receipts can be attached to any existing transaction regardless of whether it has been posted or is still pending.

Swipe to locate the desired transaction, then tap to edit it. Tap the Attach icon, then choose from the 2 receipt capture options Take a photo or Choose an existing photo using the same method described above. The receipt will appear below Transaction Details.

If the transaction is still under review, complete your review then click the Post button to post the transaction with the attachment. If it has already been posted, click the Save button to save the changes including the attachment.

You can add more than one attachment to any transaction. These attachments serve as supporting documentation. As such, they will not alter any of the details of the transaction.

Delete a Receipt

Receipts can be deleted from any transaction. Tap to open the transaction then find the Attachments area.

Click on the X icon to delete the attachment. Confirm your change by clicking the Post button for transactions still in your Inbox Review list, or the Save button for transactions on your Posted tab. If you do not want to save the change, click the back arrow icon.


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