The TrulySmall Accounting mobile app includes business reports that are most critical to running your business including:

  • Profit and Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • Unpaid Bills & Invoices

With each report Type, you can define a date range and set other filters that are appropriate for the report.

You can create custom reports that, once saved, will appear in your Reports list under a Custom Reports header, separating them from the Standard reports and allowing you to expand or collapse each section for easier viewing.

Profit and Loss

This report shows you your net profit (or loss) based on your total Income and your total Expenses in a specific window of time, and may help you identify potential cost-cutting strategies.

Use the filters to create the report you need:

  • Time Interval: choose to view data Yearly, Quarterly, or a Custom interval

  • As of Date: set the end date the report should run through. For a Custom interval you will choose Start and End dates.

  • Prior Periods: for Yearly and Quarterly, choose whether and how much additional data you want to see.

Balance Sheet

This report will show you a detailed view of your company's assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity at a specific point in time, and provides a basis for computing rates of return and evaluating your capital.

The report can be filtered by the As of date - the end date the report should run through.

Unpaid Bills & Invoices

These aging reports of your accounts payable and receivable enable you to visualize what and who you owe; and what is owed to your business and by whom.

Use the filters to create the report you need:

  • Report Type: choose either "Unpaid Bills" or "Unpaid Invoices".

  • Select Date: choose either "Today" or "Custom". If your business has more than one year of information in Kashoo, you will also see an option for "Previous Fiscal Year End".

  • As of Date: set the end date the report should run through. This date will be added for you when you select other than "Custom". If you change the date here, the Select Date will change dynamically.

Contacts named in the report are hyperlinked. Clicking on the name, will take you to the list of transactions that are included in the aging data you are viewing.


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