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Learn how to navigate the Home page in the Kashoo mobile app

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The Home page can be accessed by tapping on Home from the list view.

The Home page contains all invoices, bills, income and expense transactions that are saved in your accounts. You have the ability to view or delete them directly from your device. You can also add attachments you want to include as supporting documents.

Note: Mobile support is not yet available for Transfers or Adjustments.

The following types of transactions can be added:

  • Expense

  • Expense Refund

  • Income

  • Income Refund

Example: Add an Expense

Tap on the + (add) button to create a new transaction.

Select Expense as the type of transaction you want to add.

Next, fill in all required details of the transaction such as the date, account withdrawn from, supplier and currency.

When you get to the Items section, tap on Select Category to add a description and expense category for your product or service, as well as the quantity, rate and sales taxes (if applicable).

Use the Transaction Details section at the bottom to add anything important. Lastly, review your subtotal and save any attachments before you hit Post!


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