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Kashoo Classic: Overriding Tax Rates
Kashoo Classic: Overriding Tax Rates

Want to use a custom rate or amount? Learn how.

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Entering a custom tax amount

If you want to enter a custom tax amount, you can type in the amount followed by the shortcut code or abbreviation, so 3.24S would enter 3.24 State Tax (note: when entering a custom amount or rate, please do not leave any space between the amount/rate and the tax shortcut code / abbreviation). This is good when you need to enter a tax amount that is different than the rates you have already set up.

Entering a custom % rate

If you need a custom %, then you can type in 4%S, to charge 4% State Tax.

Entering multiple tax % rates or amounts

If you need to enter multiple tax rates or amounts, you can do so by enter the tax shortcut codes separated by commas - no spaces. So if you wanted to add a State and Local Tax, you would type in S,L.

Furthermore, you can use custom % rates or amounts, so you could type in 8%S,4%L for 8% State Tax, 4% Local Tax, 8.44S,4.25L for $8.44 State Tax and $4.25 Local tax or 8%S,4.25L, for 8% State Tax, 4.25 Local Tax.


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