Choose Default Date Behaviour that works for you:

You now have the option to set the default date selection that appears in the transaction editor screens.  We've provided 3 options:

  • No date selected:  When this option is selected we will leave the date field blank
  • Current date:  This option causes today's date to be used.  This is the default option
  • Date of last saved transaction:  This option can be useful when a user is entering records successively.  Note that this option has a few caveats with it.  The date of the last transaction is not maintained between sessions nor between tab switches within a given section (ie. switching between income or expenses, invoices or payments, bills or bill payments)

Go to your Settings > Business Settings 

Floating buttons makes the Banking section faster to use:

For those of you with a lot of transactions every month scrolling to the bottom of the page was painful! We added floating buttons so the options are always on the screen with you.

Collapsed the seldomly used fields on Clients and Suppliers to make it easier to see what's important:

See the critical information immediately when you are looking at your Clients and Suppliers, add in Default accounts to save you clicks on every transaction and have the ability to Add invoice or even Duplicate an Invoice all from this screen. 

Right click your transaction and see the option to duplicate.

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