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The Invoicing and Payments page is where your invoicing address and contact details are added, and where you can set up your Kashoo business to receive payment by credit card.   

By enabling Payments, you can email your invoice to clients with a link that allows them pay you online using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Payments are automatically logged in Kashoo, and when the money is transferred to your bank account, that Transfer transaction will also be created in Kashoo along with any associated “Payments” fees.


The Business Information section includes the Name and Contact Email address for the primary invoicing and payment contact for your company.  

The address you type in the Mailing Address section will appear as the payment mailing address on your invoice.

The Additional Details section is where your website address, and business phone numbers can be added. 

Click on the Save Invoicing button when your changes in the Invoicing section are complete.  


In the Payments section, you have an option to accept payment by credit card.  You can view the Fee Details by clicking the link next to the rates.  Be sure to read the Terms of Service, then click on the checkbox to accept them. 

When you are ready, click on the Start Accepting Payments button.

Note: Clicking on the Start Accepting Payments button will not save changes to the Invoicing section.  If you have made any changes there, remember to click the Save Invoicing button as well before leaving the page.

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To exit the Settings section at any time, click the X in the upper right.


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