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Contacts are a central part of the new Kashoo. Here you can see all the customers and vendors with whom you do business. Any transactions related to a given contact will appear on their individual Contact page.

Create a Contact 

Contacts can be created in two ways. 

Contacts are created automatically when transactions that are associated with a contact are cleared from your Smart Inbox. Kashoo identifies a new contact and dynamically creates the contact record on your behalf with all the transactions which are associated with it.

To create a Contact manually, click on the + Add menu above the Contact list, then click on the Add an Individual or Add a Company option.

For each contact, Kashoo displays the total amount of sales and any bills paid for this contact in the top-right corner of the page.  

Edit a Contact

Click on the Contact name, then click on the Edit Contact link above the transaction list.  All of the contact details are editable.  

If you need a different street address for shipping, uncheck the "Use same address for shipping" checkbox; a new set of address fields for "Shipping Details" will appear.

Click on the Save button when your edits are complete. 

Remove a Contact

On occasion you may need to delete a Contact. 

Click on the Edit Contact link. In the Edit window, click on the 3-dot menu then click the Remove option.   In the popup, click the Remove button to confirm.  

The Transactions will be retained and can be linked to another Contact when you are ready.

Edit a Contact's Transactions 

Transactions related with a given contact can be edited from the Contacts page. Check the checkbox to the left of the transaction to open the Edit window or click on the Deposit field even if there is no value for that transaction. 

From the Edit window, anything that can be changed from Transactions or Invoices can be changed here. A transaction can also be returned to your Smart Inbox, and those you created manually or imported from a file, can be removed from your Kashoo business. 

For transactions that were created from a bank feed, the "Date" and "Amount" values cannot be edited, nor can the transaction be removed from your business. 

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