The TrulySmall Accounting Dashboard gives you real-time insights into your business health. The reports in your Dashboard are calculated with only transactions that have been reviewed and posted to your General Ledger.  

The non-reviewed items in the TrulySmall Accounting Smart Inbox are not incorporated in your Dashboard until they are reviewed and moved to Transactions.

If you have multiple years of business data, you can see previous years by changing the year menu in the top right corner.

Navigate between the four main data views using the forward and back arrows. 

  • Income & Expenses

  • Net Cash

  • Cash Deposits and Withdrawals

  • Net Income

Net Income and Top Expenses are also provided. As shown below, you can mouse-over the Main graphs, or the smaller graphs to display detailed information.

Your Account Balances show the total of the balances reported by your connected accounts as well as the balances calculated from transactions you uploaded from your non-connected accounts, as of the current date.


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