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TrulySmall Accounting: Transactions

Reviewed Records, the basis of Business Reports and Tax Calculation

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On the Transactions screen, you will find all of the transactions that have been reviewed, categorized, and posted to your ledger. This is the data that informs your Dashboard and Reports.

Summary information on your business is displayed in the mini-report area at the top of the screen. Here you will find your total income and expenses, your net income for the current fiscal year, and your net cash.

For transactions that have not been imported from your connected accounts, or uploaded through transaction files, you can manually create the transactions you need to bring your ledger current.  

Click on the + Add button and enter the information for the required transaction. You may enter an Expense, Income, Transfer, Expense Refund, or Income Refund.

Immediately upon adding your new transaction, it will be incorporated into the summary report at the top of the screen, as well as, the Dashboard and Reports.

Split a Transaction

You can split any income or expense transactions into multiple categories. To split a transaction, click on the date to open the edit screen then select "split transaction".

Select the account category and enter the amount you wish to split.

Summary before Split:

Summary after Split:

To prevent any errors, make sure all of the category amounts add up to the total transaction amount.

Delete a Manual Transaction

There are 2 ways to delete a manual transaction.

One or more transactions can be selected from the Transactions list by clicking on the checkbox preceding the item(s), then clicking the delete icon above the list.

While viewing a transaction, you can delete it by choosing the Remove option from the 3-Dot Menu.

In both cases, a window will confirm you want to remove the item(s) before completing the deletion.

Working with the Transactions List

You can sort and filter the invoices associated with your business. You can also make inline edits to most values in the transaction list.

Filter the List

If you want to narrow the view by a specific group of invoices that are Paid, Current, or Past Due, click on the button above the list.

To do a more refined filter, click on the Filter button to launch the Edit Filter window. You can choose to filter by GL Account, start and/or end dates, and/or a minimum or maximum amounts. Click on the Apply button to continue.

The button will now say Filtered and will turn blue. To return to the full list after you are finished working with the filtered results, reopen the Filter window and click on the Clear Filter button. You can also refresh the browser tab.

Edit Values in the List

Any value in the list that is blue in color can be edited inline within the list. Click on the value to begin the edit.

  • Description and Withdraw & Deposit amounts can be changed directly.

  • Date will show you a calendar; search the calendar, then click on the date to select it.

  • Account and Category will show you an options list; scroll to find the replacement or begin typing to dynamically filter the list.

Each edited row will be checked. When you are finished click on the checkmark icon above the list to save the changes.

Convert a Payment to a Refund

To change an imported bank transaction to a refund, please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Select the payment on the Transactions page and return it back to the Inbox page.

Step 2

Select the payment again and click on the Edit button.

Step 3

Change it to an Income Refund or Expense Refund before posting it.


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