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Having accurate data in your accounting system is critical to running your business. Kashoo makes it easy to get the data you need. Here are ways to get the most accurate data into Kashoo.

  1. Bank Feeds
  2. Bank Transaction Files
  3. Receipts

Bank Feeds

If you didn't connect bank feeds during business creation, you can create new bank accounts from bank feeds at anytime. To create the connection, you can access the connection screens from the Inbox or the Accounts Page.

Pro Tip: Before starting the Bank Feed Connection process, check your Kashoo Transaction Start Date in Settings. If available from your bank, Kashoo will import transactions back to this date.  

The first step is to locate and choose your Banking Institution, and enter your credentials.  

Once a connection is established with your account, your transactions are imported into a new Kashoo Account.

Kashoo will import transactions as far back as available from your bank, all the way to your Kashoo Business Start Date. The state of your connected account can be viewed from the Inbox at all times.  If you ever update your banking credentials, Kashoo will notify you to also update your credentials in Kashoo, so you get a continuous update of your business activity.

Import Bank Transaction Files

Create a New Account from a Transaction File

If you cannot connect to your bank account, you can create a new account in Kashoo by uploading a transaction file from the bank. This will create and import all the transactions into Kashoo.

Upload into an Existing Bank Account

Accounts Not Connected to a Bank Feed
To upload future transactions for a bank that is not connected to a bank feed, use the +Add Transaction File button for the specific account. 

Accounts Connected to a Bank Feed
This feature can also be used to backfill connected accounts, where your bank was not able to provide transactions back to your Transaction Start date.  

Please note, Kashoo only supports OFX, QFX, and QBO files generated from your bank.  This ensures the most accurate records are being provided, eliminating one of the most common sources of data errors, which is improperly formatted CSV data.  

If you are backfilling an account with historical data, we suggest downloading 1 file from your bank with transactions from your Kashoo Start Date, to the day prior to your bank feed connection. Kashoo will automatically adjust your account start date as needed.

If the opening balance needs adjustment due to missing transactions in your bank transaction files, you may edit the opening balance from the Account Edit screen.

Kashoo will identify overlapping or duplicate transactions, and not allow those to be imported. A warning will be displayed letting the user know how many transactions will not be imported.

Upload Receipts

Receipts can not only provide backup documentation for your records, but can also be used to create transactions, and save data input time.

From the inbox, you can upload JPGs, PDF, GIFs, or PNGs of receipts. Just drag and drop from your hardware, right over the Inbox screen, or use the +Receipts Button.

Kashoo automatically reads the receipts and creates items in your inbox with the Transaction Date, Vendor Name, and Amount, and even obtains the appropriate taxes related to the transaction from your receipt. 

For receipts that are for cash purchases, that will never be matched to a transaction coming from your bank or credit card feed, simply assign the category and post immediately.  Kashoo will create the transaction for you based on the information read from the receipt.

In addition to in-line editing, you can also open the edit window by clicking on the paperclip associated with the receipt item.

Kashoo will also identify receipts that match transactions from your bank feeds and uploaded  transaction files. When Kashoo finds a match, you are notified by a "Match" button highlighted in green.  

Click on the Match button to view the matched records. In this example, a receipt has been matched to a transaction imported from a bank feed. Mouse over the thumbnail of the receipt to see an enlarged view.

Simply click on "Match" to combine the records into 1 transaction, and move the item to reviewed Transactions.

To un-match a receipt from a specific expense, open the match by clicking on the match from the expense item.  Choose "Edit" from the menu item, and Post the item from the edit window.  This clears the item from the Inbox and moves it to Transactions.

The now unmatched receipt will remain in the Inbox to await being matched to the appropriate transaction coming from your bank feeds.  You can delete unmatched receipts from the Inbox at any time.


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