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Connected bank accounts removes the risk of input errors and increases accuracy by using standardized bank codes to categorize and properly accounts for your expenses and types of income.  

You can Create a new Bank Account by connecting to your bank from the Inbox.  

Step 1: Verify Phone Number.  If you have not already verified your phone number, Kashoo will require this security step before connecting a bank feed.

Step 2: Choose Financial Institution and Enter Bank Credentials.  When connected to your bank, additional security steps may be required by your bank, and will be displayed on the screen below.

Step 3: Choose the individual accounts to which you would like to connect, and import.  Kashoo will import transactions as far back as possible, back to the Kashoo Transaction Start Date that was input during account creation.  

If your bank does not provide transactions that far back, you can backfill transactions using your transaction files downloaded from your bank. See "How to Upload Transaction Files"

Step 4: When your transactions have been imported, click on the link to return to the Inbox to review the transactions received from your bank accounts.

For instructions on reviewing your transactions in the Inbox, please see "Kashoo Inbox: The Center of your Workflow"


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