Connecting your bank accounts to Kashoo removes the risk of input errors and increases accuracy. By using standardized bank codes you will categorize and properly account for your expenses and types of income.  

If you didn't connect bank accounts to feed transactions to Kashoo during business creation, you can create them at anytime. To initiate the connection, click the + Connect a bank account link from the Smart Inbox 

or the Add Account from Bank Feed from the Accounts screen to access the connection screens.

Pro Tip: Before starting the Bank Feed Connection process, check your Kashoo Opening Balance Date in Settings. If they are available from your bank, Kashoo will import transactions back to this date.  

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Step 1: Verify Phone Number.  If you have not already verified your phone number, Kashoo will require this security step before connecting a bank feed.

Step 2: Choose your Financial Institution on the 1. SELECT step, then enter your Bank Credentials on the 2. VERIFY step.  When connected to your bank, additional security steps may be required by your bank, and will be displayed on the screen below.

Step 3: Once the connection is made, you will choose the individual accounts you would like to connect and import.  When you click on the Finish button, Kashoo will import transactions as far back as your bank will provide, back to the Kashoo Opening Balance Date that was input during your account creation.  

If your bank does not provide transactions that far back, you can backfill transactions using your transaction files downloaded from your bank. 

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Step 4: When your transactions have been imported, click on the Inbox link to review the transactions received from your bank accounts.

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Bank Account Needs Attention

If Kashoo cannot connect to your bank account, you will see a message above the bank accounts pane along with a red error symbol next to each account name that has a problem connecting. There could be several reasons such as outdated banking credentials. Click the message to correct the issue.

A window will launch and walk you through reconnecting your bank account to Kashoo.

Once successful, the icon will return to green and your account information will be up-to-date.


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