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In Settings, users may update or change information relating to their overall business, such as contact information, invoicing requirements, and additional users.

Business Settings

Under Business Settings, your Business Number, Type of Business, and Industry can be edited.  

Subscription and Billing 

Under subscription and billing you will be able to choose either a monthly or yearly subscription plan when your trial period has expired.

From this page you can also update your credit card information whenever needed.

Invoicing and Payments

The contact information provided here, is your main company contact information for Kashoo to contact you. It is also the contact information that will be used for invoices you send to your customers. 

Manage Users

Kashoo allows multiple users to access a Kashoo Business. There are 3 type of users in the Kashoo Account. 

Creator: The User Account that created the Kashoo business. This user cannot be removed from the account.  

Admin: This role has all the same access as the creator and can also add and delete additional User Accounts.

Business Owner: The Business Owner role is specific to businesses that are managed by a bookkeeper.  The Business Owner is restricted from accessing the Chart of Accounts, Transactions, and adding adjustments.  Access to standard business functions such as Invoicing and Reporting, and the ability to categorize transactions is still accessible.


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