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To create and manage invoices in Kashoo, click on Invoices in the menu, and start creating and sending Invoices.  

You can sort, group, and filter the invoices associated with their business. The mini report at the top of the screen, shows the sales numbers that are most critical to the business.

Invoice View

To create a new invoice, click on the + New button at the top of the screen. This will open the Invoice Editor. When creating a new invoice, the following fields are available.

  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Client
  • Due Date
  • About This Invoice Memo
  • Amount
  • Category
  • Taxes 
  • Description of Item

If you have more than one item to add to your invoice, use the + Add another invoice item link to enter a new item. Multiple items appear on the right-hand side of the Editing Window.

The item being edited in the editing area, coincides with the item highlighted on the list of invoice items.

The Invoice due date defaults to the date you create the invoice. Click on the "Due date" field to change it.  You can choose a specific calendar day or select one of the standard terms which will set that date dynamically for you. Click on the Save button when you have finished your edits.  

Payment View

The Payment View will summarize all payments applied to the Invoice.  If Kashoo has found a possible matching payment in the Inbox, you will see a match link under the Add Payment button.

Click on the link to view and accept the match Kashoo has identified. 

For payments that have been deposited to a connected bank account, Kashoo recommends not entering the payment manually. Instead, wait for the payment to be received through the bank feed, and it will be matched to the invoice automatically.

If you are not anticipating an exact deposit for invoices in your bank account, click the Add Payment button to manually enter a payment.  

Manually entered payments can be categorized as "Undeposited Funds" or "Cash".

Multiple payments can be associated with an Invoice, and when all payments are made, Kashoo indicates the updated balance.


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