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As a security measure, before you can add users, you must first verify your phone number.  Once you have, Kashoo allows you to add more users that can access your Business. 

There are 3 types of roles a person accessing your Kashoo business can have. Each of the 3 roles has a different access level:

Admin and Billing: This role has full administrative permission to add and delete people, and change roles for anyone with access to your account. They have permission to create and manage the Kashoo subscription and payment options. They can also access all of the screens in the Kashoo business.  

There must always be one person assigned to this role. Initially this is the person that created the Kashoo business.  

Admin: This role has all the same access as the Admin and Billing role with one main exception - they cannot access or manage the Kashoo subscription.

Business Owner: This role is specific to businesses that are managed by a bookkeeper. The Business Owner is restricted from accessing the Accounts and Transactions screens; nor can they add adjustments.

However they do have access to standard business functions such as Invoicing and Reporting, along with the ability to categorize transactions.

Adding a New User

To add a new person with access to your Kashoo business, click on the + Add User link below the list, then complete the form and click on the Add User button.

The new user will receive an email. They will not become active and their role cannot be changed until they login to Kashoo.

Changing Roles

To change a person's role, click on their "Access Level" dropdown menu and select a new role.  

Remember that there must be someone with the Admin and Billing role and that there can be only one person in that role. If you need to change who that person is, you must change the current Admin and Billing person to another role AND assign another person to that role before the Save button will become active and allow you to save your changes.

Remove a User

To remove someone's access to your business, click the - Remove link to the right of their role.  Kashoo will confirm you really want to do that.  Click on the Remove button and their access will be removed from your account.

To exit the Settings section, click the X in the upper right.


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