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TrulySmall Accounting: Client Statements

Generate On Demand Summary & Detailed Billing Statements for your Customers

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TrulySmall Accounting provides you 2 ways to give your customers a clear picture of where their account balance stands. For those customers with a billing history you will be able to generate detailed or summary billing statements.

Generate a Statement

Select Contacts from the main menu. Click on the name of the client for whom you wish to generate a statement, then click on the Generate Statement button above their transactions list. In the popup window, you can decide between 2 types of statements to generate.

  • The Activity statement type generates a detailed tally of invoices, payments, and credits. It also shows summary amounts that were invoiced, paid, and credited, along with the beginning, ending, and current balances and any overdue amount.

  • The Summary statement type generates a simplified list of outstanding invoices. The summary amounts on this statement show current invoice balance due, past due aging, any credits applied, and the total now due.

Activity Statement

Select the Activity statement type and specify the range of activity that you want to include in the statement by changing the Start and End dates. Then click the on Generate button.

The statement will be generated as a PDF.

Summary Statement

Select the Summary statement type and specify the "As of" end date you want the summary report to include in the statement. Then click the on Generate button.

The statement will be generated as a PDF.

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